A Parent’s Cheat Sheet for Unlocking a Successful Year!

Attend - Show up to as many events that you can, especially Open House and Parent/Teacher conferences.  It’s good to “lay eyes” at the beginning of the year on the people who are going to be with your child 8 hours of the day.  Also, even if your child is not struggling academically when conferences come around, still go and discuss your child’s emotional well-being and how he/she interacts with other children.  

Communicate - Make sure to talk with both your child and his/her teachers.  Don’t wait until there is a problem.  Let it be known that you are willing to work as a team to help your child be successful.

Volunteer - If you have an opportunity to volunteer in person at your child’s school, do so!  The teacher will appreciate the extra help and your child will LOVE to see that you are involved.

Respond - There may be a time that your child may come home complaining about a teacher, a grade, or a student.  Before reacting without having all sides of the story, respond by getting the teacher’s side of the story to come to a resolution.  If your concern is still not addressed or rectified, then seek out a higher person in authority.

Reinforce - Find out what your child is learning in school, then make sure to ask questions or research the topic deeper to make the home-school connection.

Limit - Decrease the amount of time that your child watches TV, plays video games, or uses social media during the week.  Those are distractions that could interfere with your child’s academic success!

Praise - Positive reinforcement is so important in order to motivate your child to succeed.  It will also serve as encouragement when things don’t go as planned.

Seek - If there is a concept that your child just does not understand or if he/she is having a hard time adjusting to a new environment, find individuals who can help.

Lead - Show your child how to manage his/her time and prioritize what needs to be done first.  

Pray - Seek wisdom and guidance from the One who is the ultimate teacher, and everything else will fall into place!Enjoy the view.

Most colleges and universities require SAT/ACT scores for admission.  LIKES will help your college-bound student access the door of post-secondary education by focusing on which test is best, vocabulary analysis, and reading comprehension.

Our Services

Starfall is a FREE website geared toward children in Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grade.  Children learn reading and mathematics by exploring books, songs, and activities.


• Main Idea

• Inferences

• Vocabulary/Context Clues

• Analyzing Text

• Before/During/After Reading Strategies

Learning is Key Educational Services (L.I.K.E.S.) offers academic tutoring specializing in reading comprehension, English/language arts, writing, standardized testing, study skills, and organization.

We assist students from Pre-kindergarten to college level.

Specialty Areas

• Organization

• Time Management

• Learning Styles Inventory

• Notetaking

• SAT vs. ACT?

• Greek/Latin Roots

• Vocabulary

• Critical Reading Strategies

L.I.K.E.S. Loves Education!

Reading Comprehension


• Parts of Speech

• Subject/Verb Agreement

• Punctuation

• Misplaced Modifiers


ACT Answers

 1.  B                                2.  C                                3.  D.

Standardized Testing Preparation

Sightwords.com is a great FREE website for teaching and reinforcing sight words.  Children learn the words through flash cards, games, and unique teaching strategies.


• Expository Writing

• Narrative Writing

• Constructed Responses

• Research Process

Early Childhood Education Parent Resources 

ABC Mouse is an excellent, inexpensive early learning program for ages 2-7.  The learning paths guide children from one activity to the next!  5 stars!



Study Skills

• Affixes

• Mnemonic Devices

• Context Clues

• Synonyms/Antonyms